Halo 5 is delayed until 2016, will be out for Xbox 720

The next installment in the legendary Halo series will not be out until at least 2016, as reported by a member of Halo Forum, a Halo fan and forums community.  Now that fans have played through the first Halo 4 DLC pack, questions naturally arise out about the next Halo installment.

The following details are currently known, partially gathered from 343 industries and from various Halo sites.  The Halo team is not completely satisfied with how Halo 4 turned out despite its commercial success, and 343 Industries is already in early stages of development of Halo 5.  However, since Sony is announcing PS4 sometime later this month, Microsoft is likely going to upgrade its hardware in the next two years as well.  343 Industries has no choice but wait until the new Xbox platform is out.  They will also likely wait until the Xbox 720 is sold to enough households to justify releasing what’s probably going to be one of the top games of this decade.

Another juicy tidbit about Halo 5 is that its going to be a much darker game than other game in the series.

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